Ana Monção Psicoterapeuta

Ana Monção

Individual or Group Psychological Guidance

Non-directive psychotherapist since 2001 (by the Portuguese Association of Client-Centered Psychotherapy and Person Centered Approach and by the European Network for Person-Centred and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling– PCE Europe). She practices in private clinic. She is PhD in Psycholinguistics (researcher and university professor since 1987 at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa) and postgraduate in Neurosciences (Neuropsychology and Dementias) from the University of Barcelona.

In 2016 I leave the university career in the state service to dedicate myself entirely to psychotherapy and to other personal and professional projects.
I was responsible for several graduate courses and coordinator of research sub-units. I scientifically organized the International Congress Art, Brain and Languages (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Casa da Música, Oporto) with a strongly interdisciplinary structure. I was a student at the Conservatory of Theater and Cinema, at the Pas de Dieux Company (Paris) and at the Photography Course at Escola ARCO.

I have training in Rogerian Psychodrama and Ludotherapy (UK), in Neurophysiology of Emotions (with Susana Bloch, CNRS) and in the Approach to the Sheborne Movement. I took individual classes in Functional Integration (Feldenkrais Somatic Education Method).

You can have your consultation either in Portuguese, French or English


Welcome! This is your psychotherapy space.

Online Psychotherapy

Psychological counseling or psychotherapy sessions aim to provide the support that people need at a given moment in their project or life path.

How it works?

Exactly as in an office, but it is done via internet. It obeys the same rules as: strict confidentiality and duration of 50 mn per session (with the exception of the first one, 1h30 mn).


Everyone who, at a moment, feels more vulnerable psychologically, wants to understand how to manage their destiny, to better manage their emotions or simply “vent” in a private and confidential context.

How to schedule?

Make your appointment, by Whatsapp, Messenger or by clicking on the button below.
The desired date is subject to confirmation.

How to pay?

1st session – pay 24 hours before
Subsequent sessions: pay 2 sessions (two in two) in advance, 24 hours in advance.

How to access?

On the scheduled day and time, you will be contacted by the therapist to start the session on the chosen platform.